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About Structural steel

2019-06-25 09:40:18

Structural steel (Materials for Mechanical Engineering): refers to meet specific strength and formability of steel grades. It can be formed after the tensile elongation at break test represented. Structural steel is generally used for carrying purposes, in strength steel in these applications is a reusable design criteria. Structural steel is steel is a special one.


1. For a variety of steel machine parts. It includes hardened steel, quenched and tempered steel, bearing steel and spring steel.

2. The steel used for engineering structures. It includes carbon steel in the A, B, special type of steel and common low-alloy steel.


Metal Culvert (Structural plate)


metal culvert which is assembled by structural plate is perfect for projects that require large pipe. This product offers efficient, easy installation. We supply the sturctural plates with 150mmX50mm, 200mmX55mm,300mmX110mm,380mmX140mm,400mmX150mm.


Nestable corrugated steel pipe


Nestable corrugated steel pipe is composed of two half round segments which are bolted together to form a round pipe. There two standard method to form a round pipe. flanged nestable corrugated steel pipe and overlapped corrugated steel pipe. It suitable for the small diameter pipe and easy to ship to the oversea marktert.


corrugated plate liner


corrugated plate liner are used to repair or replace the old bridge and culvert.


Nestable corrugated steel pipe

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