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Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings Description Part 03--Trim Flashing

2020-02-24 11:38:43

AOT, a brand of PEBs, Prefabricated house and Modular container house, is Trusted & Tested.


Structural Bolts meet requirements of International Standards. S10.9 bolts for primary frame connections. S4.8 for secondary framing connections. Self-Drilling and Self-Tapping Fasteners are pre-assembled with neoprene washers and metal caps to help insure weather tightness.

High strength bolts.jpg

ordinary bolt.jpg

Self-tapping screw.jpg



Closed Cell Neoprene Strips with self-adhesive backing used to help seal building. Located at ridge roofline of building to help provide weather tightness. Optional eave and base closures may be added. Pre-formed shapes to match panel configuration providing a tighter seal. Sheeting notch provides an air infiltration stop on blank insulated buildings.

AOT PEB foam fitting.jpg

AOT Closures.jpg

AOT Steel Structure Roof Ridge Sealing.jpg




Sealant for roof sidelaps, endlaps and flashing at gable is provided to help insure weather tightness.



Ridge Cap

Preformed High-Rib Ridge Cap Panel matches the slope and profile of adjoining roof panels to help insure constant alignment and weather tightness. Long Overlap is provided to help prevent water from siphoning into the building.

AOT Roof Ridge Trim Plate.jpg

AOT Ridge cap.jpg



Trim And Flashing

Trimming at rake (gable) corners and eaves is provided for all buildings with standard trim material for a finished look. This is also an additional deterrent to moisture, insects and dirt getting into building.

AOT Trim plate.jpg

AOT Trim Flashing.jpg


Plans And Drawing

Anchor Bolt Setting Plan, building reactions for foundation design, Erection Manual and Engineer Letter of Certification are provided shortly after receipt of deposit on building. General Building Manual and erection drawing provide step by step instructions for assembly. Engineer Certified Erection Drawings, including wall and roof framing diagrams, cross sections, sheeting and flashing details are provided. These drawings show clearly the proper erection and assembly of all building components. Part Numbers Are Placed On Each Component (other than screws). These part numbers coincide with a detailed listing contained in the construction drawings and shipping list to help with assembly of the building.

As experts on Pre-engineered steel structure buildingPrefabricated house and Modular container house system, AOT is providing complete customized solutions including consulting, R&D, design, manufacture, installation, supervision service for overseas project, export and service.

We specialize in creation of high-quality Pre-engineered steel structure building such as: warehouse, workshop, factory, cold storage, high-rise building, shopping mall, power plants, distribution centers, pedestrian bridge, hotels, public schools, sports arenas, car parking center, airplane hangars, church building, farm building, agricultural building, storage shed, self-storage building, poultry farm and green house; Prefabricated house and Modular Container house such as: portable cabin, labor camp, labor quarter, worker dormitory, construction site office, accommodation, recreation, clinic, medical facilities, quick-assemble container, sanitary container, toilet container, shower container, canteen, portable living units, portable office. We provide our time-tested PEBs, Prefabricated house and Modular container house to clients in the sectors of oil & gas, mining, Energy, Infrastructure and Construction projects. AOT built his reputation upon Profession, Reliability and Service.

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