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Top 10 beer brewery equipment manufacturers and factory in China

2020-02-24 11:37:40

1.WEMAC beer equipment


WEMAC is a beer equipment manufacturer and factory in china, was  established in 1958, including 70 senior technologists. We have 530 employees and workers in total. WEMAC provides water treatment equipment for above 60% medicine factories in Chinese local market, totally 3000+ factories and companies.


WEMAC also provides high quality beer brewing equipment, beer brewery technical guidance, personnel training, technological formulation, beer new technology research and development.


They are the top beer equipment manufacturer in China.


2.Jingde Beer Equipment


Design and manufacture brewery equipment from 50L to 5000L(1bbl-500bbl), application to microbrewery brewing, craft beer brewing, whiskey distillation etc. We provide turnkey brewery project, technical support, installation service.


3.Zhuoda Machinery Equipment


Jinan Zhuoda Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd specialized in beer brewing equipment manufacture for 20 years.


The main production are large industrial beer brewing equipment, factory craft beer brewing equipment, hotel and bar beer brewing equipment, teaching lab beer brewing equipment, home beer equipment, wine brewing equipment. We also involved in the beer brewing equipment upgrade project.


4.XIMO International Trade


XIMO is one of the most well-known beer brewing equipment supply companies in China. Our company combines both the world’s most sophisticated brewing technology with economical prices in order to provide our customers with the best equipment at an affordable price.


5.Cassman Machinery


Jinan Cassman Machinery Co., Ltd. focus on the brewing technology research, design and manufacture. We provide home brew equipment (50L-100L), craft brewing equipment (200L-3000L) and industrial brewery equipment (1000L-20000L), which included the malt milling, brew house system, beer fermentation/servicing tank, cold/hot liquor system, packaging line and control system. Our after sales service including the installation and brewing technology transfer.


6.zunhuang brewing equipment


Shandong Zunhuang Brewing Equipment Co., Ltd is the domestic integrated industrial and trade comprehensive enterprise dedicated in research, manufacturer, development, sales and after-sale service, until now have the 16 years produce experience, company focuses on beer system project that refer to fruit wine equipment, white spirit and alcohol equipment etc, corollary equipment, our company purpose: “Quality first, customer highest”, use the short period provide direct and comprehensive service, and improve the products’valve and market competitive.


 7.Meto Beer Equipment


Meto is a Professional China Microbrewery Equipment Manufacturer for Beer Equipment, Brewery Equipment, Beer Brewing Equipment, and Brewing Systems


8. HengCheng Beverage Equipment


Shanghai HengCheng Beverage Equipment Co.,Ltd is famous China Craft Beer Brewing Equipment Suppliers and Brewhouses Manufacturers,our company locates in Shanghai, China, we are specializing in manufacturing and design of beer brewing equipments.


9.Maidilong Beer Equipment Technology


MDL - Nanjing Maidilong Beer Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional and premium equipment manufacturer, its products and projects are applied for industries as beer, wine, food, dairy, fine chemicals.


10.Degong Brewery


DEGONG Brewery is a professional beer equipment manufacturer from China. We are specialized in the professional design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of beer equipment for small and medium-sized brewery, hotel, pub, etc and supporting facilities.



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