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plastic clear soft garden hose low price Click to view original
plastic clear soft garden hose low price

plastic clear soft garden hose low price

Line pipe in the appearance of a very beautiful effect, this use is also able to better play the advantages of insulation, so that
Used life expectancy is longer. Including color tube, PE tube, threading pipe, galvanized pipe, etc. will be even more
Has the advantage of application. Quality and cheap, beautiful and convenient. In different environments are able to meet the normal application, complete
The advantages of standardized application effects and applications. Corrosion resistance, high temperature, wear resistance, tensile and so on more
The integrity, but also can play a good application of advantages.
  • *Brand:Changsheng
  • *Materials:pvc
  • *MOQ:3000kg
  • *Main market:Asia, America, Europe, Australia, Africa
  • *Price:If you want to know the price,inquire now
  • *Package:in rolls
  • *Original Place:Weifang, China
++86 536 8191089
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Weifang Changsheng Plastic Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise of plastic products and plastic machinery. It covers an area of 30000 square meters. Company owns a modernized workshop with more than 20 production lines and complete testing equipment. 

For many years, we committed to the improvement of production process and innovation of products, as well as the increasing various of products to meet the demand of market. Rely on the premium quality, advanced technology, standard manage and quality control system, we build long-term cooperation relationship with clients over 20 countries. 

As an OEM manufacturer, we can supply products as customers' requirement. We sincerely welcome the domestic and foreign friends to visit us.

DETAIL: Although the general cheap water pipe is also made of PVC material, also called PVC pipe, which also has braid, but the service life, appearance, smell, compressive strength, tensile strength, working pressure and so on are obviously different.

The first is the smell, nothing seen, first heard of its taste, this smell is produced by the manufacture of PVC materials containing low-quality polybrominated diphenyl ethers containing polybrominated diphenyl ether emitted to humans and the natural environment Its harmfulness is more and more serious. Its odor has strong persistence and strong liposolubility, which causes harm to human liver and nervous system, and at the same time it interferes with thyroid endocrine and easily causes cancer. Now the United States and Europe and other countries in 2003 and 2004 have successively issued a document prohibiting the manufacture of such pipes, pipe manufacturing must be in line with ROHS and REACH standards to use.


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