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plastic fiber strengthen soft pipe Click to view original
plastic fiber strengthen soft pipe

plastic fiber strengthen soft pipe

Product Features: 1. Clear and transparent tube, conveying liquid visibility, easy to control the flow.
                     2. Light weight, good flexibility, small bending radius, high elasticity.
                     3. Negative pressure can be evacuated, corrosion-resistant, non-toxic and tasteless materials.
                     4. Resistant to low concentrations of acid, oil, long life.
                     Most working environment can replace rubber tube.
Applications: Agricultural pumping machinery, oil depots, petrochemical equipment, industrial, engineering, mining, food manufacturing and other fields of liquid, gas, oil, dust suction row, pumping plastic particles.
  • *Brand:Changsheng
  • *Materials:pvc
  • *MOQ:3000kg
  • *Main market:Asia, America, Europe, Australia, Africa
  • *Price:If you want to know the price,inquire now
  • *Package:in rolls
  • *Original Place:Weifang, China
++86 536 8191089
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At present, we supply a variety of PVC hose including

Steel wire and fiber reinforced flexible PVC hose

PVC garden hose

PVC spray hose

High pressure air hose

PVC gas hose

PVC shower hose

Single wallclear pvc hose

PVC suction hose

welding hose

Layflat hose


High pressure hose is divided into: fiber reinforced polyurethane hose, fiber reinforced nylon hose, steel wire reinforced polyurethane hose, steel wire reinforced nylon hose, wire wound resin hose, food grade hose. Structure: Inner core polyurethane (PU) Reinforcement: Steel wire braided sheath: Polyurethane (PU)
Features: Smooth appearance, small bending radius, the minimum burst pressure of various hoses is 3 times of the working pressure, temperature -40 ° ~ + 100 °
Performance: Has good oil, heat and aging resistance, high pressure, excellent pulse performance.
Uses: This product is mainly used for the automotive industry, construction machinery, lifting transport machinery, high-pressure transmission and liquid transmission, can do high-pressure spray-specific pipe.


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