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plastic garden water soft hose different color and sizes Click to view original
plastic garden water soft hose different color and sizes

plastic garden water soft hose different color and sizes

Features: Transparent, non-toxic, pressure, tensile, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, toughness, antifreeze, high temperature, no peeling does not aging, winter is not hard, seasons do not harden, nice appearance, soft and light. Pipeline increased color line mark, more beautiful. Uses: Food, industry, agriculture, fisheries, construction and home and other general equipment for water, gas, oil ideal material for conveying fluid, you can directly connect tap, watering, car washing is very convenient. Note: high-pressure hose, tendon tube has flexibility, if the water pipe taps a bit tight, you can use hot water to heat the pipe, it is easy to get better.
  • *Brand:changsheng
  • *Materials:pvc
  • *MOQ:1 pc
  • *Main market:abroad
  • *Price:If you want to know the price,inquire now
  • *Package:standard
  • *Original Place:China
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Weifang Changsheng Plastic Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise of plastic products and plastic machinery. It covers an area of 30000 square meters. Company owns a modernized workshop with more than 20 production lines and complete testing equipment. 

For many years, we committed to the improvement of production process and innovation of products, as well as the increasing various of products to meet the demand of market. Rely on the premium quality, advanced technology, standard manage and quality control system, we build long-term cooperation relationship with clients over 20 countries. 

As an OEM manufacturer, we can supply products as customers' requirement. We sincerely welcome the domestic and foreign friends to visit us.


PVC amorphous white powder structure, the degree of branching smaller. Industrial production of PVC molecular weight is generally in the range of 5 to 120,000, with a larger polydispersity, molecular weight increases with decreasing polymerization temperature. No fixed melting point, 80 ~ 85 ℃ began to soften, 130 ℃ into viscoelastic state, 160 ~ 180 ℃ began to change into viscous flow. Its tensile strength of about 60MPa, impact strength of 5 ~ 10kJ / m2; have excellent dielectric properties. Poor light and heat stability, at 100 ℃ or above a long time exposure to the sun, it will decompose and produce hydrogen chloride, and automatically catalyzed decomposition caused by discoloration, in practical applications must be added stabilizer to improve heat and light stability. PVC is hard and can only be dissolved in a few solvents such as cyclohexanone, dichloroethane and tetrahydrofuran. It is stable to organic and inorganic acids, alkalis and salts, and its chemical stability decreases with the increase of operating temperature.


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