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pvc fiber strengthen soft pipe

pvc fiber strengthen soft pipe

PVC reinforced hose / PVC fiber reinforced hose due to its characteristics: pressure, tensile, acid and alkali corrosion, beautiful appearance, soft and light, durable features, can be widely used in food and health industries, at -10 ℃ - + 65 ℃ range of air, water, gas, oil lamps and other liquids, gas good pipeline. It is suitable for the transportation of pressurized and corrosive gas and liquid. It is widely used in the fields of machinery, coal mine, petroleum, chemical industry, agricultural irrigation, construction, civil (solar water heater, gas tank) Watering; Suitable temperature -5 ℃ ~ 65 ℃ Products are widely used in electronics, household appliances, headphones, power communications, medical, toys, ships and other fields, mainly from the insulation, protection, decoration, , Transparent, widely used in low pressure of food, health industry and machinery, civil engineering, aquarium equipment and other industries.
  • *Brand:Changsheng
  • *Materials:pvc
  • *MOQ:3000kg
  • *Main market:Asia, America, Europe, Australia, Africa
  • *Price:If you want to know the price,inquire now
  • *Package:in rolls
  • *Original Place:Weifang, China
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At present, we supply a variety of PVC hose including

Steel wire and fiber reinforced flexible PVC hose

PVC garden hose

PVC spray hose

High pressure air hose

PVC gas hose

PVC shower hose

Single wallclear pvc hose

PVC suction hose

welding hose

Layflat hose


Transparent pvc hose how to improve softness, use in -40 degrees environment.
You can add cold plasticizers, such as synthetic plant fatty acid esters. This product is not only cold-resistant in the -40 degree environment, but also high plasticizing efficiency, excellent plasticizing effect. Can improve the transparent PVC hose softness in the cold environment with toughness, is a good cold-type plasticizer


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