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pvc twin pipe for welding, with red, blue and other color Click to view original
pvc twin pipe for welding, with red, blue and other color

pvc twin pipe for welding, with red, blue and other color

Gas pipe: home gas, hotel high pressure liquefied gas delivery. Diving tube: diving, breeding, etc. for the transport of oxygen Tire inflation tube Air gun tube: for the tire car care industry tire inflatable, unloading tires, air guns, pneumatic wrenches and other pneumatic tools. Medical color high-pressure pipe: for medical oxygen equipment, medical support tower, oxygen, nitrous oxide, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and other gas delivery. OEM products and customized: The company can customize according to customer requirements processing of different brands, different specifications and different requirements of the hose, welcome to provide drawings and related technical requirements, we are responsible for proofing, confirmation, mass production of hose products meet your requirements.
  • *Brand:changsheng
  • *Materials:pvc
  • *MOQ:1 pc
  • *Main market:abroad
  • *Price:If you want to know the price,inquire now
  • *Package:standard
  • *Original Place:China
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At present, we supply a variety of PVC hose including

Steel wire and fiber reinforced flexible PVC hose

PVC garden hose

PVC spray hose

High pressure air hose

PVC gas hose

PVC shower hose

Single wallclear pvc hose

PVC suction hose

welding hose

Layflat hose


Anti-aging. Hose material for the PVC plus a small amount of LG nitrile rubber. Compared with the traditional rubber tube than the obvious anti-aging properties, the outdoor use of more than five years will not appear on the surface of the phenomenon of homogeneous split, and the rubber tube will usually occur within one to two years are split.
Oil. PVC material itself determines the product has oil resistance.
High pressure. Working pressure 30KG, burst pressure 120KG, which far exceeds the work pressure required by the industry. Has a high burst pressure, to protect improper operation of the pipe damage. The traditional rubber tube pressure is low, burst pressure will suddenly burst.
Four seasons soft. Material added to the cold agent, the pipe has a good weather resistance. Summer is not soft, winter is not hard, handy when operating, free to put.
Good wear resistance. Pipe material and its own structure determines the use of pipe in the process can effectively reduce wear and tear. Compared with rubber, PVC material itself is better wear resistance; the pipe is made of polyester fiber braided bonding process, so that the pipe itself is very light, about 30% lighter than the rubber tube. About 50% lighter than the wire tube. Light weight, wear naturally small.


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